Promotional SMS

Nowadays, businesses rely on promotional messages to drive sales. In fact, promotional messaging is fairly self-explanatory. It’s any way you message your consumers to promote or advertise your business, typically by offering sales, discounts, and coupons. Promotional messages can be a bit overwhelming, though, particularly when you consider all of the ways you can promote your business.However, thanks to the rise of marketing automation and programmatic advertising, the type of messages you’re executing these days has changed. Your marketing automation platform should support a variety of messaging types, and the right tools can help you maximize your promotional messaging efforts.

What is Promotional messaging?

Promotional messaging is the integrated marketing communications that offer a specific value proposition by directly communicating the value and the price to the target market. Promotional messaging can be in the form of advertising, public relations, direct mail, e-mail, etc. Promotional messages are used to create awareness of the product or service, build credibility, create a sense of urgency and to create an emotional connection between the target market and the product or service.

Benefits of Promotional messages

Minimizes time

Every message can be started by a specified auto-trigger, eliminating the need for manual input.


Send credible transactional bulk SMS to any location with a 99.9% uptime and delivery assurance.


Limited character messages used in transactional bulk SMS make it simple for the recipient to read and respond as necessary.

Featues of Promotional Messaging

Prepare future SMS

You can schedule SMS text messages to be sent at a later date and time, up to a year in advance.

SMS Transmission to Non-DND Numbers

Each and every NON-DND number receives promotional SMS messages. To deliver marketing messages and promotional offers, utilise promotional SMS.

Regional dialect

Send bulk SMS messages using the unicode option to send messages in a variety of national and regional languages, including hindi, gujrati, urdu, tamil, and telugu.

Time Limitation

Promotional SMS are sent between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Utilize our platform to send offers and marketing messages and gain immediate deliverability.

Several Routes

Through the use of numerous network paths with the least amount of traffic, our Smart Routing assists in the transmission of your Transactional Bulk SMS Service.

Convenient SMS portal

Our business created a simple SMS panel. Easy-to-use, well-structured panel for sending messages quickly. Technical expertise is not required.

Real-time Delivery Report

Get a real-time confirmation report on the messages you sent and the progress of their delivery.

Personalised templates

Send transactional messages in bulk using your sender ID according to the specified requirements and customised template.

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